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As Medicamap, we serve patients from all over the world by offering the best service and the most affordable prices.

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Who Are We?

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12 Years of Experience

Medicamap for more than 20 years as we bring patients to Turkey from different countries around the world.

  • 5876 patients from 17 different countries.
  • Successful 1864 surgical operation.
  • Experienced and honest team of 24 people.
  • 12 years of professional assistance.
  • Fully equipped 47 contracted hospitals.
  • 286 specialists in 37 branches.
  • Clean and comfortable 57 contract hotels.
  • Support for 17 professional translators in 6 languages.

We are right where you need us.

Why Choose Us?

Thousands of Success Stories and First Class Service

We offer professional treatment services with our hospitals and doctors, which are at the top of the success lists. We care about you and your loved ones, and we stand by you in all steps of your treatment. We carry out all your visa procedures, plane ticket purchases, accommodation, interpreter support and transfer transactions with our own staff. As Turkish healthcare professionals, we put your health first, not trade. You can consult us free of charge on any subject.

Health Consultancy

Health Consultancy

We offer you the right solutions with years of experience and thousands of success stories.

End-to-End Transportation

End-to-End Transportation

We are with you at every step from getting your flight ticket to your accommodation.

Honest Price Policy

Honest Price Policy

We conduct all processes transparently with our honest and affordable price policy.


Contracted Hospitals

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Contact via WhatsApp

You can reach us via WhatsApp and consult for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Both the state and private hospitals and clinics are serving under the Ministry of Health inspection in Turkey. More than 2.000 public and private hospitals is located in Turkey. Our agency provides all services under the state guarantees. We previously provided this service to more than 5.000 patients.
The number of people in the world visiting another country for health purposes outside of their own country is increasing day by day. Turkey has become a popular country in the area of Health Tourism. Both the geographical structure, climate, eceonomical and high quality health services attract the attention of many countries citizens.
There is a risk in the treatment of all diseases. If the doctors in your country express that you can travel than we will give your approval as a result of the preliminary evaluation according to the results of your examination. We will transport you safely to the facility where you will be treated comfortably.
From the moment you decide to be treated in Turkey; the document which you can apply for visa will be prepared and sent to you by your preferred physician and health institution which you will receive treatment.
In case you decide on the treatment process and request for accommodation, the hotel reservations can be arranged by our hotel company from the nearest place to the treatment facility by considering the number of stars in accordance with your budget and our assistants will place you in the hotel where you will stay.