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Both the state and private hospitals and clinics are serving under the Ministry of Health inspection in Turkey. More than 2.000 public and private hospitals is located in Turkey. Our agency provides all services under the state guarantees. We previously provided this service to more than 5.000 patients.

The number of people in the world visiting another country for health purposes outside of their own country is increasing day by day. Turkey has become a popular country in the area of Health Tourism. Both the geographical structure, climate, eceonomical and high quality health services attract the attention of many countries citizens.

There is a risk in the treatment of all diseases. If the doctors in your country express that you can travel than we will give your approval as a result of the preliminary evaluation according to the results of your examination. We will transport you safely to the facility where you will be treated comfortably.

From the moment you decide to be treated in Turkey; the document which you can apply for visa will be prepared and sent to you by your preferred physician and health institution which you will receive treatment.

In case you decide on the treatment process and request for accommodation, the hotel reservations can be arranged by our hotel company from the nearest place to the treatment facility by considering the number of stars in accordance with your budget and our assistants will place you in the hotel where you will stay.

Our service

Brain cancer is called the term brain tumors also and it expresses the uncontrolled proliferation and enlargement of the cells that make up the brain tissue that showed a mutation and transformation, and it is possible that cancer cells may start proliferating in the brain or move from a different area affected by cancer to the brain and besides being the majority of cancers The brain has genetic roots, but factors such as heavy exposure to radiation increase the risk of brain cancer.

Symptoms of brain cancer appears changes according to the location and size of the tumor, but symptoms are generally in the form of severe headaches that increase over time and auditory and mental disturbances, and their treatment varies according to the current stage and location of the tumor.

Lung cancer is a malignant neoplasm formed as a result of the unusual proliferation of cells in the lung. Cancer cells first begin to proliferate in the places where they are located and become in the form of clumps and affect other areas after their expansion and spread in the surrounding tissues and organs in the advanced stages of the disease. Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and often does not show any symptoms in its early stages, and therefore it is diagnosed in the advanced stages of it, and it is important to do periodic checks because of its importance in saving the patient’s life.

The term liver cancer refers to the malignant tumors located in the organ tissues and the disease is common in places where hepatitis appears intensely and the rate of incidence with this disease in women is lower compared to men. The structure of the liver is one of the most important causes of this cancer.

Tumors, called cholangiocarcinoma, are another cause of liver cancer, and they take root from the bile duct in the liver and enlarge and spread over time.

One of the most common types of liver tumors is metastasis, which takes its home from other tissues and organs and captures the liver, in addition to the risks of the spread of cancers that affect other organs in almost all areas of the body to the liver.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in women and can occur in men as well. It develops as a result of the change and uncontrolled proliferation of cell groups that make up the breast tissue.

Cancerous tissue first spreads to the immediate environment.  Following it moves towards the lymph nodes near the breast. If early diagnosis is made and treatment is not started as soon as possible, it spreads to other organs, and treatment becomes impossible.

According to the US data, the probability of a woman experiencing breast cancer in her lifetime is stated as 1/8. The incidence of this disease increases with aging.

The large intestine is the organ that connects the digestive system with the anus. Its length is approximately 1-1.5 meters. It consists of rectum and colon. (The rectum is the last 12 cm of the large intestine. Stool is stored here. The part of the large intestine other than the rectum is called the colon.) Foods digested in the small intestine are re-decomposed here.

Cancer that occurs in the colon area is called colon cancer. If diagnosed early, definitive treatment is possible. But if it is not detected early, it first spreads to nearby lymph nodes, then to the stomach, spleen and other organs. It also reaches to other parts of the body through the blood.

The technology is used since 1968 in the treatment of arterial anomalies and anomalies in the brain, tumors, diseases and motion sickness. The number of patients treated in this way is estimated in the millions, and Gamma Knife treats the tissue to be treated without resorting to opening the skull head, the possibility of deviation, and a miscalculation of the millimeter. The areas not targeted for treatment are exposed to a large percentage of radiation, and when compared with other radiation treatment devices that emit radiation, it is possible to say that the non-targeted areas of treatment in Gamma Knife are exposed to a radiation ratio estimated at (100) times the other devices.

This method is based on the field of radiology in oncology to treat the patient with one session only, and the patient can return home on the same day after the completion of the treatment. Gamma Knife achieves the processing of very small targets in the deep and sensitive areas of the brain with great sensitivity and precision. The radioactive beam used in Gamma Knife treatment does not harm healthy tissues and is characterized by high accuracy in focusing on the intended target in the brain.

Scoliosis surgery is a surgical operation performed to correct the curvature of the spine. This disease is usually diagnosed in adolescence.

Scoliosis, which occurs as a result of tilting of the vertebrae to the right or left or turning around itself, starts at an early age. If not treated, it reaches a size that will make life difficult.


Turkey is at the second place in the World in terms of the number of accredited hospitals by JCL.


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